Ayesha Hassen


Ayesha Hassen,

22, Butajira


“Since the age of 10, I have suffered from seizure.  My parents and I believe that I got this problem around a nearby river where I was possessed by evil spirit.  My parents took me to a traditional healer and he gave me an amulet (good luck charm) which did not help.  My friends told me that whenever I had a seizure all the students run away for fear of being possessed by the spirit.  Everybody believed that epilepsy was contagious except my teachers. 

Following my treatment at Grarbet, the seizures are controlled. My life is stable once again.  I got married and I have a daughter. I am happy with my health status and I live with my community without discrimination.  Grarbet has returned a gift of peaceful life to me.” 

Ayesha Hassen
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